SW development for programming and data evaluation is being realized at Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science supported by Moravian - Silesian Region within a programme „Business support in Moravian - Silesian Region 2015“.

Inndividual functions are tested on prototypes. All software system is comprised of three basic components.


Aplication for NFC reader

Web application that will be optimized for small devices (mobile phone, tablet etc.).

Basic system administration will be possible in the application:

  • Adding of NFC card and editing of a card parameters (user name, time when the user is able to have access, an action which will be carried out while approving or denying, general description). Adding card by putting on the reader.
  • Log reading
  • Log export within a set time interval. Filter adjusting according to a user, flat etc.
  • Export of configuration.
  • Import of configuration.
  • Time setting in the reader.

WiFi will be activated only by putting off a special administration card. SSID, password and user role will be printed on the administration card.

Application will enable three basic roles:

  • An Administrator - can carry out everything accept system interventions.
  • Browser - can read only logs and user attributes. It is not able to change anything.
  • An Superadmin - can also change system parameters.

Application for PC

It is application for OS Windows.

Application function:

  • Log export within a set time interval. Filter adjusting according to a user, flat etc.
  • It will be possible to open downloaded configuration from NFC reader in the form of file and will be possible to edit it and then upload it into the reader.
  • Due to RS485 interface it will be possible to connect the application to several readers, which enables to administrate remote readers. Possibilities of configuration will be the same as downloaded configuration.
  • Application will enable to edit more readers at once and will be possible to copy configuration among individual readers.
  • It will possible to export data conveniently.
  • NFC card can be added by an external reader connected to USB port and save it to database of users.
  • The program can be connected to server of central readers administration when connected it will be able to administrate all the readers controlled by the server.

Application for server

  • Application is primarily designed for OS Linux in daemon mode.
  • Application will communicate within RS485 interface with the readers and will administrate all connected readers including synchronizing of database of users.
  • It will be possible to connect via client application described above to the server aplication. This will be done by computer network.